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A Woman’s Crusade: Alice Paul and the Battle for the Ballot

Before Martin Luther King, there was the Quaker Alice Paul. A pioneer in nonviolent disobedience, she used daring techniques in pursuit of a federal suffrage amendment. Assaulted by mobs and jailed after picketing the White House, she and her supporters went on hunger strikes and were force-fed and brutalized.

Car: A Drama of the American Workplace

Following the 1996 Ford Taurus from a clay model in Detroit to its birth in an Atlanta assembly plant to its debut in a New Jersey dealership, Mary Walton documents the battles between designers and engineers, marketers and accountants, product guys and manufacturing guys in the race to #1.

The Deming Management Method

Following World War II, American statistician W. Edwards Deming traveled to Japan, where his lessons on how improve quality using statistical methods were enthusiastically adopted by top companies. In 1980, he was rediscovered in America and in the final decade of his life became one of America’s top quality consultants.